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who's _shmo

this is our story and we are so proud that you want to get to know us better!

_shmo is a team of two: Lucian (a.k.a Jimmy) and Daniel (nickname Dani). Two wedding photographers, two computer lovers, two friends for more than 30 years.

We struggled with our own photo editing for more than 22 years combined. And we learnt a lot. Editing means being away from doing things that matter to us: sports, travelling, taking photos, having a cold beer, reading books, meeting with friends.

That's why we imagined a world with less editing. With no editing at all. What if we could trust somebody else with this tedious part? You may be in love with your computer, but we prefer to live our lives.

meet _shmo!

_shmo means shoot more. Or a silly person, a little ignorant of real life. That's us! :)

We asked around wedding photographers about what can be done to securely externalize primary editing of raws. Lightroom or Capture One work.

And we gathered all sorts of inputs and baked them into our endeavor. We took everything into consideration: security, various approaches, taste, hardware requirements, software, speed, style...

We did our best: _shmo. And we decided to put, on top of everything, free galleries and slideshows for our regular friends / clients. Plus album design and branding services.

We are trully excited you're reading these words. And we want you to know we take our job seriously. So give _shmo a call. Don't be afraid to get your life back and to shoot more. Or, maybe, get a little silly! It doesn't hurt, once in a while!