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album design

you can close your computer and enjoy your time while we beatifully design your album

should I give-up album design?

The answer is up to you: you could keep designing those important albums or maybe you could trust us with all your work.

When talking about image editing, old habits die hard. You are used to do everything by yourself. But imagine you give us the final selection of raw files and we deliver the jpegs (or catalog) along with the album design. How cool would that be?

Procedure is simple for our album design service. Upload your jpegs, specify the album dimensions and maximum number of spreads, add some basic info (if necessary) and bang! Two days after and your album design is ready. No need to buy expensive album design software, we did it for you!

how do we edit your albums?

Using our 22 years of wedding photography combined, we take your images into Smart Albums and strive to make each page a masterpiece. Our intent is to use the design to talk about the story of your images. That's why we prefer fewer images on page: let them be powerful and not overwhelm the viewer with many small pictures at once. If you prefer a different approach, you have the freedom to specify your needs on each different album design order.

how much?

We understand your needs for a low-low price. That's why we charge you only 24 EUR for an album. No matter the size (actually for a maximum of 40 spreads).

If you need further info about album design, please read the _shmo User Manual. It's actually a collection of questions and answers about all our services. To place an order, you need to make an account first.

Need raw editing or brand make-over?