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Opting Out

how to opt-out of _shmo services

I am a _shmo customer and I want to opt-out

If you have a _shmo account and wish to completely opt-out of _shmo services:

  • 1. Log in your _shmo account.
  • 2. Choose Preferences from left navigation.
  • 3. Scroll to the bottom of your Preferences page, read the warning and click Delete entire account permanently.
  • Once you complete these steps, we will cancel all active email subscriptions, delete all files related to your account. We will, however, keep profile data and order summaries for our accounting system. If you need this data to be deleted permanently, please send us an email to

    I want to opt-out of anonymous tracking

    We use a session cookie to keep track of your login status (whether you are logged in or not). Also we use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking cookies for marketing purposes. If you want these tracking cookies blocked, you need to install a third-party blocker in your browser (uBlock Origin).

    I don't want to be tracked by _shmo

    _shmo doesn't collect information about you other than info you put into your account details which are mandatory for you if you want to buy _shmo services. We do not track you in any other way. We may use Facebook and Google marketing tools to reach audience who visited our website.

    You can instruct your browser to inform sites and scripts to not track you (every browser has this feature, whether is called "Do Not Track" in Chrome, "Requests that sites not track you" in Firefox, "Send Do Not Track Requests" in Edge, "Ask websites not to track me" in Safari, "Do Not Track" in Opera.)