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_shmo user manual

read this page to fully understand how to use our services

This document is _shmo's HOW TO! We structured it as a wiki, so that you can quickly asses how to easily benefit from our services! Click on each category to open it!


Register a new _shmo account

It's easy to register a new _shmo account: input your email and desired password and you will receive an email requiring you to activate the account. After that, all the _shmo infrastructure is there to fulfill your needs! During registration, you can also use a promotional code and subscribe to our news mailing list. We will not abuse your time and will send only useful information for you!

Reset your password

If you forget your password, easily set a new one by filling your email address on the password reset page. Check your email, click the link and enter the new password for your account! As easy as saying #dotheshmo!

Set your account preferences

To send us your lightroom presets, please open Preferences in Lightroom, go to Presets tab, click Show Lightroom Presets Folder and there you will find the lrtemplate files. Choose the one you would like us to use and add them in your _shmo preferences account.

Capture One styles can be found in ~/Library/Application Support/Capture One/Styles on Mac OSX and in C:\Users\username\ AppData\Local\CaptureOne\ on Windows. Copy the appropriate style folder, zip it and add it to your preferences account.


On your _shmo account page, choose NEW ORDER then RAW EDIT. Placing an editing order is made out of several easy steps. Before describing each, read the following general _shmo editing philosophy.

Prepare your images

Fill out order details

Upload your catalog or raws

Download editing results

Edit your gallery and slideshow

If you are subscribed to _shmo services (paying a monthly fee of 35EUR) you can edit and publish a photo gallery and slideshow for each editing order you place.

If you stop paying your subscription, your older galleries and slideshows (from orders while you were subscribed) will continue to work and you can still edit them.

Entire gallery / slideshow app is designed to be as simple as possible, with minimal but powerfull features. Your public _shmo page will present the visitor with a list of all your work. See bellow the examples or checkout the demo!


Ordering your album design follows the same path as editing orders.

Fill-in order details

Upload the photos

Upload the folder you prepared with all jpegs to be used in the album.

Download results

When we finish the album design, you will automatically receive an email. You will find the Download button in your order details.

You can make 5 additional changes to your album - send changes by email at Describe each change so that we can understand what you need. After changes are made, you will receive another mail and you can download the results.

Album design results are jpeg files at 0% compression. In our experience, there is no noticeable difference between using jpeg or tiff files, other than huge file sizes of tiff. Trust us, on paper nobody will see the difference. Tiffs are better when you edit them in Photoshop and modify dynamic contrasts.


All prices are tailored so that you can externalize your editing and album design activities. Not one penny more. See for yourself!

Editing prices

If you work with us occasionally, we edit your images at 0.11 EUR / image. There is a minimum fee of 60EUR per job <=500 images. If you upload 501 images, then price will be 501 x 0.11 EUR.

As soon as you subscribe to _shmo, we understand that you are serious about photography and reserve manpower for you. Price per image will be 0.09 EUR, no matter the order size. Plus you get galleries and slideshows for each order you send.

Album design prices

Each album design order is 24 EUR. Maximum 45 spreads.

Branding prices

It's difficult to quote prices on branding services as your needs may range from designing one logo to an entire website. Let's talk about this and we will definitely reach an agreement.

Subscription price

One month of subscription is just 35 EUR. This allows you to enjoy free galleries and slideshows for your brand. Also, editing prices drop from 0.11 EUR / image to 0.09 EUR. Usually, on your second editing order you already save money from the price diference. Not counting gallery and slideshow.

If you have further questions, drop us a message!