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you shoot raw + we edit just like you or even better in Lightroom or CaptureOne

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_shmo advantages

the james bond effect on photographers

to get your final jpegs
per edited image
to love _shmo

Reasons: your style of editing + fast turnaround + really low price + free gallery & slideshow & subdomain + easy to use + best hardware & software + our 22 years combined of wedding photography experience.

We have prepared top solutions just for you: 30" full adobe rgb calibrated monitors, pro graphic cards, Mac OSX, latest editing software, best presets in photographic industry, midi consoles, controlled lighting, full-blown server, in-house developed _shmo web application, redundant storage and energy supply.

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_shmo reviews

of well-respected photographers who use or reviewed our services

Marcel Alexandru Hornetwedding photographer

_shmo is an outstanding idea, I tend to deliver my photos late! If you're just beginning in event photography and you're charismatic and attract lots of clients but editing isn't your thing, _shmo could be the key! Kisses and all the best, take care of you and your mental health!

Alex Păsăreluwedding photographer

I find _shmo to be exactly what's needed! Photographers should shoot more, learn more and find more clients. Bulk editing should be left to those having the time and energy to do it. I will focus on mainly editing key images and let _shmo cover the rest!

Andrei Caplatwedding photographer

I know these guys from _shmo! They used to throw-in incredible wedding photography conferences and now they are doing editing for us, wedding photographers! I trust their services and I think I will soon find enough courage to let them do the _shmo.

Julius Paulwedding photographer

I tend to think that I'm the only one that can manage all aspects of my business! But, as time passes by, I value more my family time and I need to trust parts of my work to others. _shmo is one of the very few photography editing services that earned my trust!

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are you brave enough to let go?

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