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raws on steroids

give us your raw files. we edit them, create galleries and slideshows, give you LR catalog and jpg files. and some more...

why _shmo?

do you need reasons to live your life and do what you really like?

Maybe you hate to edit. Or you don't have the proper equipment, knowledge. Or simply you don't have the time to edit thousands of raw files per year. Does any of these seem familiar? _shmo can give you back the joy and liberty of being a professional photographer.

But we bet you are afraid to trust editing to someone else. It's totally understandable, we had this fear too.

Simple math

Do you need this time to play with your children, read, travel or maybe shoot more and earn more? Or you can devote this time to marketing. Either way, give shmo and yourself a chance.

_shmo reviews

of well-respected photographers who use or reviewed our services

Alexandru Lupașcuwedding photographer

_shmo gives you editing power that's hard to match: machines, software, knowledge, speed. And you get professional galleries and slideshows. That's impressive! Give _shmo and yourself a chance and go beyond spending your life in front of the computer!

Ioana Mironfamily photographer

I raise two daughters by myself and trust me: not having to spend countless hours on editing means a lot! _shmo is editing my files and it's an easy, fast and really cheap process! What can you possibly want more? Galleries? Checked! Slideshows? Checked!

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we have everything!

and we do anything in our power to edit like you or even better than you!

small price

to pay for your freedom

Of course you want to know about prices. Here they are!

0.09* EUR / photo

if you work with us regularly

0.11 EUR / photo

if you need _shmo once a month or less

60 EUR / base price

for orders < 500 photos

* price and features available for regular _shmo clients paying a monthly subscription of 35EUR.

Price calculation:
order < 500 photos => 60 EUR
order > 500 photos => photos * 0.11 EUR
monthly subscription = yes => any number of photos * 0.09 EUR

900 photos * 0.11 => 99 EUR
900 photos if monthly subscription => 81 EUR.
200 photos => 60 EUR
200 photos if monthly subscription => 18 EUR

_shmo workflow

3 + 1 easy steps to trust us with your images


Create your _shmo account using email and password. We also need some details: phone number, subdomain name, links to your work to be displayed in your galleries, invoicing details, editing prefs, which presets to use (our own or yours), notes describing your editing fundamentals and some images to show us the desired outcome.


Upload your photography selection for your job. We will calculate the price on the spot. You can make the selection in Lightroom or Capture One and send us the catalog along with Smart Previews (the prefered way). Or you can send the raw files directly if you make your selection in other software (Photo Mechanic or plain file viewer). Payment can be made online or using bank transfers. An invoice will be issued for your convenience.


After maximum 7 working days, you will be notified that you can download the results: LR or Capture One catalog with edited photos and jpg web (2048) sized version of all images. You can receive all full resolution jpgs if you sent us the original raw files. Web gallery* with your settings will be publicly (or privately) available. Plus slideshow* to charm your clients.


Optional. Work on your gallery and slideshow*. Set custom titles, links, aspect, music*. Customize everything. Even include other photos* if you touched-up several images in Photoshop. We designed an easy to use and full-sized editor just for you.

* features available for regular _shmo clients paying a monthly subscription of 35EUR.

want more?

We are open to discussion. Check out our user manual for more details!

If you have special needs, high volumes, thighter schedule delivery, advanced Photoshop work, image masking, talk to us. We will be more than happy to help.

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